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Print this definitionStrabismus

Strabismus is the term used to describe an eye turn. Please see further specific information under the headings Exotropia and Esotropia.

Print this definitionSuppression

Suppression is where one eye is used in preference to the weaker eye, ie the brain may constantly or intermittently shut down visual input from one eye in situations where binocular vision cannot be readily achieved. This commonly is found in conditions of Amblyopia, Strabismus (Esotropia or Exotropia), Anisometropia.

Print this definitionSyntonics


please see under the heading Optometric Phototherapy (Syntonics) for a full description.


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Hyperopia (long-sightedness)
Longsightedness refers to an eyeball that is either deficient in focus ability or reduced in axial eyeball length. The inability of the eye to sustain adequate focus levels often causing near vision problems and in cases of higher refractive error distance issues also. It is normal for children to be slightly longsighted. more