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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy involves the use of lenses, prisms and activities to improve visual efficiency and Visual Processing skills including eye teaming, focus and visualisation skills.

Vision Therapy is also prescribed to enhance and improve awareness/ability of both Visual Efficiency and Visual Processing skills.

Many children with a Learning Difficulty have both a Visual Efficiency and Visual Processing issue, in isolation treatment of one condition is not always successful.

The treatment involves a complete initial optometric assessment to evaluate an individual's vision and ocular health status. Following this, if recommended, further assessment to ascertain whether Vision Therapy may be beneficial is conducted.

Vision Therapy, the optometric modality of developing and enhancing visual abilities and remediating vision dysfunction, has a firm foundation in vision science.

At Vision West, following initial optometric assessment, if Vision Therapy is deemed suitable, then a customised one-on-one program is designed for the patient.

This Vision Therapy program typically involves attending on a weekly basis for approximately forty five minutes with our Accredited ACBO (Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists) Vision Therapist for in-office sessions. These are combined with home based activities that are done for twenty minutes per day.

The aim of the Vision Therapy program is to enhance both the visual efficiency skills such as focusing and eye movements/eye teaming/binocular vision as well as the ability to accurately and rapidly process visual information and retain this information in one's visual memory for later correct recall.

The Vision Therapy program will usually span over a three to four month period.


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