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The team at Vision West have a vast range of experience and knowledge in the areas of:

The staff at Vision West consists of qualified Optometrists, Optical Dispensers, Optical Mechanics and Vision Therapists, ensuring that you receive the best possible care through each stage of your optometric visit. We can ensure your quality care will last for years in the products we provide being of the highest quality.

Our own on-site lens fitting laboratory means you receive maximum quality and fast service. We also offer an immediate repair and adjustment service.

Vision West uses the latest and up to date equipment, providing you with a comprehensive and professional eye examination.


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Word of the Moment

Presbyopia (age related near vision loss)
Where the flexibility and elasticity of the crystalline lens in the eye reduces with age, in so doing the near focus ability of the eye reduces. This requires near vision spectacles to compensate for the loss of focus ability with age. more